Buja is a London based fine jewellery brand known for its delicate contemporary style. The designer Burcu Ugurtas initially started her career working in finance in the city of London. After a decade within this industry she yearned to pursue her life long passion for jewellery and apply her business acumen more creatively. She soon found herself in Italy learning goldsmithing and jewellery design from the Florentine artisans and studying at the prestigious Le Arti Orafe academy. After graduating Burcu established her brand in London, and launched her first collection in 2011. Buja seeks to make everyday precious with its refined elegant style. Delicacy and sparkling details run through the collections, combining the most precious diamonds and gemstones into organic golden forms. Buja’s collections are Made in Italy, by the finest Florentine artisans, and stocked worldwide.

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