Founded in 2006, Dezso is the brainchild of Sara Beltran—an El Paso native whose her career in fashion and design flourished after arriving in New York in 1997. Sara first began making jewelry for herself, creating extraordinary designs that soon caught everyone’s attention. She decided to combine her love for the craft with her background in fashion merchandizing and advertising to create Dezso—a line inspired by her travels and love and respect for the ocean.   A perfectionist at heart, Sara is incredibly dedicated—a trait exhibited in the exceptional workmanship put into each collection. She is fascinated with natural elements and carefully chooses those she uses for her one-of-a-kind creations—never altering them, but carefully selecting those that will work best with her designs. No two pieces are alike.   Understated, elegant and effortless, Dezso captures natural beauty in an elevated way with artisanal handcraftsmanship, old world techniques and original designs. Each Dezso piece is beautifully handmade using precious and semi-precious materials that have all been hand-selected by Sara herself. Working mostly with 18k gold, some silver and a variety of stones, which she has specially carved for each piece, Sara gravitates towards natural elements, including polki diamonds, fossils and shark teeth.

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