Ishi's designer, Gina works closely with Mexican artisans to create modern jewelry based on their traditional techniques. Her inspiration comes from hand-made artistry, the materials she uses -leather, natural stones, textiles and metals- and from the marvelous people she works with. Gina’s creative process develops along with Ishi's great team of artists, talented people that work with passion, skill and creativity.  Her mission as a jeweler is to offer unique pieces that project the positive energy of those who make them as well as to support the team in their personal, creative and professional improvement. Ishi’s goal is to show the world the artistic capacity of Mexican workmanship in original jewelry designs. Mexico is a country whose people are used to changes and the unexpected. Its vast cultural legacy, which Ishi admires and constantly explores, is evident in our jewelry.  We try to express the cultural and spiritual richness of Mexico by transforming traditional handcraft techniques into jewels. Ishi has a special relationship with time; it transforms every piece.  The natural materials we use are evidence of the passage of life, Ishi jewels are more attractive as time goes by.  Time and the essence of the person who wears it transform the jewel into a unique amulet. 

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