Jean Grisoni

Born in Algeria in 1950, Jean Grisoni is a self-educated man. He began his career very early on as a graphic designer, an art director and a photographer, to meet, some 25 years ago, jewelry art and sophisticated design… Since then, the main part of his work has revolved around his art jewelry workshop.
From the Mediterranean where he was born, Jean Grisoni has kept the sense of ornament, the taste of powerful jewelry, and the passion for chains… Every contact with his home sea strengthens him in his esthetic approach, and in his aspirations to treat the ornament both as an ancient jewel and as a contemporary object.
During his seaside walks, he gleans his "findings”, his "fragments of antiquities” to give them life in his research studies and his unique items.
His love of creative contrasts leads him to discover iron, to link it to gold and to silver. Whether it is rusty, obsolete, oxidized, graphic or common, iron has a very special place in the work of chains by Jean Grisoni.

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