Marion Vidal

Following a family tradition, Marion Vidal studied architecture during six years in Paris and Milan before pursuing her creative adventure at the Fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Anvers, where she graduated in 2003. Her first creations used accessories with metal frames and plastrons made of gigantic ceramic balls. In 2004, Marion Vidal created her eponymous brand of jewelry and accessories. In parallel, she collaborated on special projects with brands such as Céline, Christofle, Lacoste, Omiya. In 2011, she received the Grand Prix de la Création of the City of Paris. In 2012, she opened her shop at 13 avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris.   Her non conventional approach of the jewelry borrows from architecture flat plane drawings. The garment is suggested through the evocation of a horse neck beat, a plastron, a set of jewelry.   Marion Vidal plays with the ties (ribbon, cord) and revives contrasts: strength/fragility, soft/hard, dull/shiny, primitive/delicate. She breeds luxury and elegance with the childish, the recreational and the feminine. Her jewels are made of ceramic, metal, marble, ribbons, cords, copper, wood… They call out to the senses: softness, freshness of touch, music of the ceramic pieces that clash together, games of graphic compositions and colors. The ceramic, marble and metal pieces are made in collaboration with Italian artisans. All her jewels are handmade at the her Paris workshop. 

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